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Win some Keogh's Farm Shamrock-Flavoured Potato Crisps!

Keogh’s Farm create the World's 1st Shamrock Flavoured Potato Crisps

Keogh’s, the entrepreneurial Irish farmers who have been growing potatoes in north county Dublin for over 200 years, have launched the world’s first-ever commercial shamrock flavoured food delight. Keogh’s have just launched their hand cooked Shamrock and Sour Cream Irish potato crisps to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. 

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The crisps have a slight Lemon/Peppery taste almost like freshly picked watercress which is expected as Shamrocks are related to that plant family. This simple idea may turn out to be a bigger internationally-selling product than the family realised! Demand from abroad is high, ahead of St Patrick’s Day, due to the unique Irish nature of the Keogh’s Shamrock and Sour Cream potato crisps.
The crew love checking the quality at Keogh's Crisp factory!
They have been specially created on the Farm for St Patrick’s Day & available for a limited time only. The limited edition Shamrock flavoured potato crisps will be available to buy in Superquinn stores and select independent retailers nationwide from March 1st 2012 and online at

The Keogh family have developed many commercial lines from their original potato farming

“We are the only potato growers in the world who offer fresh potatoes and potato crisps from the same farm side by side in the same store and we sleep, eat, breathe potato crisps and potatoes. The idea for a Shamrock crisp came from our absolute pride in being Irish farmers and a constant need to be innovative in our offering, we are very excited about them and already have interest from abroad” commented Tom Keogh, Keogh’s Farm.

Ireland's patron saint, St Patrick, depicted holding the Shamrock

According to Irish legend, the druids in Ireland looked at the shamrock as a sacred plant because its leaves formed a triad. Three was a mystical number in the Celtic religion. Then St Patrick, who was thought to be born in Wales, used the shamrock in the 5th century to teach people about Christianity as he travelled around Ireland. He told people that each of the three leaves illustrated the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Holy Trinity.

The Shamrock & Sour Cream Crisps have been specially launched for St Patrick's Day!

The Shamrock come from Living Shamrock in Ballinskelligs, Co. Kerry. This area in Ireland has been producing fresh shamrock for the American President since 1952!

The Shamrock has been recognised as a symbol of Ireland for many centuries

Keogh’s are the only “on-farm” producers of hand cooked potato crisps in Ireland, having recently set up a small ‘crisping house’ on their farm, hand cooking crisps in small batches and turning them from “crop to crisp” on the same day. Keogh’s have been growing potatoes in north county Dublin for many generations and these Irish farmers really know how to grow a spud with love. Keogh’s Shamrock and Sour Cream flavour potato crisp is available in a large sharing bag for €2.49.
We have a Keogh's Farm St Patrick's Day Foodie Bag for one lucky reader - which will include an I Love Spuds T-Shirt, an Easy Spud pod and some bags Keogh’s Shamrock and Sour Cream crisps! 

To win this unique prize simply leave a comment here at the bottom of this post. The competition will run until Wednesday 14th March. 

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Good Luck!

To find out more about Keogh's hand cooked crisps visit: or see their Facebook page at 

There is a Full List of Shops that Stock Keogh's Farm Crisp Here

Thank you for all the entries via the Blog, Facebook & Twitter. The winner is  Bill King @BilllKing

And Bill just sent us this lovely pic from Wales!


  1. Great to see you getting in with the St Patricks day spirit and tradition for all things green and inventive on this special day. Would love to try your Special Edition Shamrock and Sour Cream crisps, they sound right up my street, what better way to celebrate this day than with a few friends and your crisps :)

    Roberto -

  2. Would love some of these. went down to my local superquinn to get some yest coudnt find them anywhere think they must have been all sold out!!

  3. Well we don't get these in America! I would love to try them, matter of fact, I would be a rather lucky gal to win these Crisp!

  4. Would love to taste the Keogh's Shamrock & Sour Cream crisps !

  5. yum yum i'll have sum ...

  6. Yo yo make some tracks
    Got to get those shamrock snacks
    Potato crisps made by keogh
    Shamrock flavour, way to go.

  7. Want,need, desire some of these crisps, three very handsome boys on RTE from the farm, I'll have them too!!!!!!!!lol

  8. This is Fabulous! The lads come across as very professional in what they do! Down to earth lads who have so much passion in what they do! Keogh's will go from strength to strength in the hands of the next generation! This is the essence of IRISH PRODUCED FOODS! With The Shamrock & St Patrick is the only saint to be celebrated all over the world and People from all over the world love crisps and with the Potato being commonly known and associated with Ireland this can only lead to success!From Dublin to the rest of the world there'll be no stopping Keogh's! I wish you every success

  9. Think the Shamrock and Sour Cream Crisps will be a huge success. Great interview on Saturday Night Show too. Well done.

  10. Love this uniquely Irish idea from the Keogh's and would love some shamrock flavoured crisps to eat while watching Ireland beating the English in the Rugby on Paddy's Day :-)

  11. where can you get the shamrock and sour cream crisps

  12. Love to try your crisp's Not seen them in wexford

  13. Shamrock sour cream crisps are lovely idea.
    magdascauldron (at)

  14. Really need to get some extra craic going here in Wales for St Patricks Day, he being Welsh and all. Shamrock and Sour Cream Crisps from Keoghs the best way to do that!

  15. love to try your shamrock sour cream they sound fab

  16. Crisps are my favorite snack! These sound gorgeous, would love to try them. I think my other half would look great in the 'I love Spuds' t-shirt :)

  17. Oh I love Irish Crisps and never had shamrock flavoured ones before - pick me pick me!


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