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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Print Out this Irish Coffee Recipe

I thought you'd like to have this recipe for my Irish Coffee, as Christmas is around the corner and you might have far too much Irish Whiskey lying around the house but they're delicious at any time of year!

The important rules for making a perfect Irish Coffee are:

1.  Whip the cream Before you start!
2.  Make sure your Coffee is Hot.
3.  Heat the Glasses with Boiling water before you assemble the drink. Place a teaspoon into the glass before you add the water and this will stop the glass from cracking.
4.  Stir the sugar until dissolved, but don't take too long doing it!
5.  Add the whiskey and stir it well so that the coffee is still turning gently when you are putting the cream on top.
6.  Never mind about pouring the cream over the back of a spoon or any of that nonsense! Simply dip your teaspoon into a glass of hot water and quickly, but carefully, scoop the cream and place it on top of the hot coffee.
7.  Two or Three teaspoons of lightly whipped cream will be sufficient and will float perfectly on top of your Irish Coffee if you have followed these simple steps.

You can right-click on this picture below, save it as a image, Print it out on card and stick it on you fridge for Christmas. By New Year's Day you should have perfected the recipe and method for making a yummy Irish Coffee!



1 comment:

  1. Very delighted to see your endless ability in making mouth watering and yummy coffee. You have all the makings of top class chef. Keep posting.


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