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What Kind of Value is This?

Sometimes I like doing the shopping for the house - not too often, but I find it therapeutic, sometimes.

Recently, however, I encountered a situation in a large nationally branded SuperMarket that made me think about the value that is being offered to the consumers today. It made me think about the people behind the marketing of these brands. It made me think about the people buying the various brands.

Sauntering down the aisles I was looking at the price per kg of similar products as opposed to the actual sale price of the items. This is normally shown in little tiny print at the bottom of the price card below each product and can give you a very quick view of the real cost of the product.

In the vegetable aisle I saw fresh Broccoli wrapped up in plastic on a little white tray - €2.75 for 300g - nicely trimmed with good florets and not too much stem. "Mmm", I thought. "That'll be nice with a little smoked trout and pasta with that red pepper pesto I got for Christmas". I picked up a few bananas and stuff while there and went over to the electronic scales.

Bananas, one leek, one turnip. "Ah sure I'll throw on the broccoli for the craic!" Not a good plan. The Broccoli which was marked at €2.75 in the pack showed up at 97c when weighed on the scales!

Surely a mistake? No - and don't call me Shirley.

I thought I’d better bring this to someone's attention in case it simply was a mistake and called to a young fella that was stocking shelves nearby. I explained quickly the situation so as not to confuse the young chap and asked him to tell his manager.

As I stood in the Q for the checkout one of the store managers approached and mentioned my “problem with the broccoli”. “Sorry about that” she said “You’re right, but we don’t make the prices here in the store – they are directed by Head Office. But I will bring it to their attention”

Duly noted and thanked I went home.

Two days later the price of the pre-wrapped Broccoli was cut in half, with the words “For Your Convenience” printed above the wrapped vegetable section.

The moral of the story is simple - Check your Prices and “Caveat Emptor” as they say “Let the Buyer Be Aware”.

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