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This Weeks Guest Chef – Paul Ricketts cooks Tempura Lobster

Paul Ricketts was born in England. His Irish roots were strong and he moved to Ireland 20 years ago. Trained as a chef, Paul spent many years fishing Lobsters & Crabs and he now runs daily fishing trips out of Donegal Town’s old Pier.

Paul has been a long-time advocate of fresh Lobster. “It really is the juicest seafood there is” he says, “and if you buy it fresh from your fishmonger, it is no more expensive than any other quality fish or seafood!”. His boat, the Donna-Marie, is the only fishing boat running full or half-day trips in the bay from Donegal Town. Paul still keeps his own Lobster pots for his own cooking pot!

"To cook the lobsters for this dish, bring them to the boil and simmer for 8 minutes only. Take them out of the water and leave aside to cool. This is done because you are going to cook them again in the hot oil and you don’t want the lobster meat to get tough!"

Skipper/Chef Paul Ricketts aboard the Donna Marie for Donegal Bay Charters

Spicy Tempura Lobster
¼ pint of lager
2 tbls flour
1 tbls white wine vinegar
pinch each of Tumeric, Cumin, Chilli Powder & Gram Masala
a twist of black pepper
Mix all together with a whisk or in your blender

1. Crack open the lobsters, pull out all the meat from the tail and claws and slice it into bite- sized pieces.
2. Heat your oil in a shallow pan. I use a mix of Sunflower oil & Olive oil (½ & ½ ).
3. Dip your lobster pieces into the batter, shake off the excess and pop them into the pan. Don’t put in too many pieces at a time or you will cool down the oil too much.
4. Fry for 1 minute on each side and drain on kitchen paper. Cook off the rest of your lobster.

Serve it with some fresh lime wedges and a tasty rocket & vine tomato salad!

You can contact Paul for Fishing Trips at Donegal Bay Charters on 086 609 6035

Follow him on Twitter at @DonegalCharters
Facebook at DonegalBayCharters

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