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Fresh Fish and Seafood, Straight to Your Home

Like Fresh Seafood? You'll Love this! Donegal based seafood wholesalers, Starcrest Seafood, have recently launched a brand new service, Port 2 Door, which delivers fresh fish and seafood directly to your home!

Since the outbreak of the coronovirus pandemic, people have had to curtail their shopping habits due to social distancing and because of this we have become more inclined to limit our travelling and do most of our shopping in one place, or online.

This has meant that the choice of foods that we were used to buying has also been somewhat curtailed, especially fresh fish and seafood.

The pleasure of going out to restaurants with our family and friends, where we would often treat ourselves to something special has also had an impact on the amount of delicious seafood dishes that we eat.

Now, you can order the freshest fish and seafood from the extensive online Seafood Shop at and have it delivered directly to your door, with social distancing guidelines being applied at all times.

Their selection available includes fresh fish like Cod, Hake, Salmon, Monkfish, Haddock, John Dory, Mackerel, Whiting, Mussels, Oysters, Diced Seafood Chowder Mix and also some pre-prepared seafoods like Smoked Salmon and Trout, Crab meat, Filo Prawns, Frozen Breaded Fish and much more!

Since 1994, Starcrest Seafoods has been a leading fish and seafood supplier to the food and hospitality industry all over Ireland. The McClay family have established a reputation for excellent service, quality products and good value prices and the company is trusted for its' consistency by chefs from Malin Head to Cork!

Fish has long been recognised as one of nature’s healthiest foods and with its rich package of nutrients it is one of the few foods that can truly be called a super-food.

Fish helps to develop a healthy body, for people of all ages, from teenagers to expectant mothers, and people of more mature years.  Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Ireland, but people who eat fish can cut their risk of heart disease by up to 50%.

According to Bordbia, the Irish Food Board, you need to eat fish at least once a week to get the full benefit for your heart. It also has other benefits for your well being, and this is why nutritionists recommend that we eat fish twice a week. This should include at least one oil-rich fish – such as mackerel, herring, trout or salmon.

Children need to eat a protein food at lunch and dinner. Protein is needed by every part of the body – skin, hair, nails, heart, lungs as well as muscles and it is a vital nutrient for healthy development and fish can be a very healthy choice. Fish is rich in protein, the nutrient the body needs to build strong healthy muscles and bones as well as to help repair the scrapes and scratches that are part and parcel of growing up.

All products purchased are vacuumed packed for your convenience. Minimum Orders of €35 with FREE Delivery, at your door within 48 hours, Monday to Friday!

I'm very lucky because I live only a few hundred metres from Starcrest Seafoods and can just pop in for my fish, but you can simply go online to order your weekly fish and seafood at

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