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5 ways to incorporate Guinness into your restaurant this St Patrick's Day

Guinness is considered to be perhaps Ireland's finest export, and it's easy to see why. It's delicious, easy to drink, plus it looks great too. But Guinness is also rich in iron as well as folate, fibre, and ferulic acid — especially compared to most other beers. So, having a pint of Guinness on St Patrick's day is a tradition worth keeping alive.

If you're looking to offer your customers something new this year as an alternative to the traditional pint, Alliance Online Ireland Catering & Hospitality Supplies, have put together five creative ways the hospitality industry can use Guinness this St Patrick's Day.

1. Bake with it

Why not add a black stuff twist to your dessert menu? Incorporating Guinness into the batter can add a lovely depth and richness to chocolate cakes or puddings. But, if it's a savoury aspect you'd like to add to your menu, try Guinness bread! Beer already contains yeast, so you don't need to add any of your own, just a bit of baking powder. And, if you add a good amount of sharp cheddar too, you'll end up with a deliciously beery cheesy loaf. Perfect for dunking in hearty stews or elevating your sandwich offering.

2. Make a sauce with it

Guinness' unique flavour means it can be used to make amazing sauces for all kinds of meals. Steak and Guinness stews, for example, will be richer and have a darker taste than if you used a lighter ale. But the stout can also add a wonderful, caramelised flavour to BBQ sauce that would be perfect for sticky ribs, burgers, hunters' chicken, and countless other dishes. The best part? You only need to add about one cup of Guinness (or around half a can) to your favourite BBQ sauce recipe, so it's a cost-effective way to add that extra bit of flavour.

3. Roast your potatoes in it

Crisp, perfectly roasted potatoes are arguably the most delicious component of any roast dinner. But you can take your spuds to the next level and impress your diners and give them a St Patrick's Day twist by cooking them in Guinness! Use Guinness and vegetable stock instead of water to parboil your choice of potatoes, we recommend Maris Piper, and roast in hot vegetable oil for the ultimate comfort food. Serve with your usual carvery and lashings of homemade gravy to treat your guests. 

4. Infuse your 'mac and cheese' with it

Elevate your standard mac and cheese recipe with a generous splash of Guinness in the cheese sauce. Whether as a main meal or a side dish, the hint of bitter earthiness from the Guinness adds to the complexity of flavours and allows the dish to feel altogether more grown up. Combine with a mature cheddar and Dijon mustard for a kick!

5. Use it to clean with

Don't worry if your Guinness is out of date due to the numerous lockdowns, you can easily repurpose the waste to help with the cleaning up! The acidity of Guinness means that it can be a great cleaner for pots and pans that may have been charred or used for stews — simply leave them to soak and the beer will do the rest. 

"The countdown to St Patrick's Day is on and after two years of restrictions we can officially celebrate in style this year and enjoy a Guinness or two! And, there's plenty more things you can do with this wonderful beer than just drink it, including infusing traditional dishes and cleaning tarnished pots!

The nutritious properties of the world's favourite stout mean that merely drinking it almost seems like a waste. So, if you wanted to raise the bar on your Guinness offering this year or you're just looking to try something new for your customers, give one of these alternative uses a go."

- John Girvan, Manager at Alliance Online

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