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Irish Blackberry Ripple Ice Cream

I love this time of year! Blackberries make a really tasty ice cream with their sweet and sometimes sharp flavour mixing well in this luscious, simple and fast homemade ice cream recipe. This recipe is adapted from my Blackcurrant Ice Cream recipe.

Blackberry Ripple Ice Cream

My Ingredients:

450g Blackberries
100ml apple juice
175g caster sugar
500ml whipping cream
400g sweetened condensed milk
2 tsp vanilla essence

My Method:

1. Put the Blackberries and the apple juice in pan, bring to the boil and turn down, simmering for 5 minutes. Add the sugar, stirring until dissolved and cook out for another 5 minutes, let it thicken a little. Cool. Leave 4 spoons of this fruit aside for garnish.

2. Rub the rest of the cooked fruit through a sieve to get rid of the seeds.

3. Beat the whipping cream until it makes peaks, pour in the condensed milk and vanilla essence and whisk back up to peaks again.

4. Pour the cream mixture into a freezer box and drizzle half of the Blackberry purée over the top. Stir the mixture gently to ripple the purée through it. Cover with a lid and freeze for 4 hours. 

5. To serve, mix the 4 spoons of saved fruit with the rest of the purée and spoon over the top of your Blackberry Ripple Ice Cream.

The same recipe & method can be used for Blackcurrant or Raspberry ice cream too.


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