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Recipes from Ireland required for Rachel Gaffney's new American TV Show

Rachel Gaffney has lived in the US for 15 years.

She is an American mother with and Irish soul. She teaches cooking classes and does frequent cooking segments for ABC, CBS. She has guested on 'The Martha Stewart Show' - a very popular American syndicated TV Cooking Show.

Rachel is looking for creative recipes from Ireland for a new American look at Ireland's food with a view to rejuvenating America's view of what Irish modern food is all about. She wants to feature a recipe from all 32 Counties in Ireland!

Rachel showing Martha Stewart how to make Irish Butter Shortbread!

The object of the program is to reflect the essence of your county in the dish that you are preparing. This is totally dependant on your location whether it be on the coast with it's abudance of fresh fish and seafood, or inland with the lush green patures giving dairy product and lean meats.

They will reproduce 50 of the submitted recipes for on line videos. Each will be expertly produced by Bob Altman, Emmy Award winning producer, former executive producer of The Martha Stewart Show, producer of Everyday Food Series for PBS, Martha Stewart Weddings for Style Network and many more on American network TV.
Full credit will be given to you and your business, linking people to your website, making this a great way for home cooks and artisan producers to gain some extra exposure to your blog or business.

Simple rules apply and the recipe will be re-created by professional TV chefs for broadcast.
You must live in the county you are representing.
You must use fresh ingredients (no processed foods)
The recipe must not be too complicated (as it will be condensed into a 2-3minute video clip)

It can be an Appetizer, Bread, Dip, Drink/Cocktail, Entree, Dessert or any other type of dish.

Remember you have to Highlight your County and some of its local produce in order to be considered.

Full details are here on her website at:

and here

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