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Crepes, Pancakes & Crepe Suzette!

There's only a little difference between Crepes and Pancakes. Traditionally crepes are a lighter mix, made thinner served with a sweet sticky sauce or filled with a variety of sweet or savoury fillings. Our Irish-style Pancakes are a more 'homey' thicker mix, made sometimes with buttermilk and served with little more than real butter and homemade jam or local honey.

We make these for breakfast quite regularly and this morning crepes were the order of the day. update- There's a link to my Irish Pancakes at the bottom of this post.

So, here is this Morning's Recipe for Crepes.

My Ingredients:

200g plain flour
pinch sugar
pinch salt
2 eggs
225ml milk
butter for the pan

My Method:

1. Put the flour into a mixing bowl and give it a quick whisk to lighten it and smooth any lumps (much handier than sieving).

2. Add the salt, sugar, milk and eggs

3. Whisk together until creamy making sure there are no lumps.

Then leave to stand for 10 minutes. Whisk again before you start using the mix.

To cook the pancakes, you will need a good heavy-based non-stick pan. Heat the pan at the 2nd highest setting. A good medium-hot pan and you'll have perfect crepes.

Rub a little butter on the pan. I use the back of a spoon for better control of the spread.

Using a standard sauce ladle, or pouring cup, pour 75ml batter into the centre of the pan. Tilt the pan around in a circular motion until it is completely covered.

Cook for about a minute or until set around the edges. Gently turn the pancake over and cook for about 30 seconds. It should be golden and just starting to brown on both sides.

Flipping the crepe is good fun but takes a little practice. The knack is to loosen it with your spatula and then quickly shake the crepe 'away from yourself' until it sits on the side of the pan opposite you.

Getting ready to flip the pancake

Over it goes!

Then in one quick flick you toss it one more time in a curling motion so the crepe has no choice but to curl back into the pan!

Catching the crepe is another matter. This just takes a bit of practice!

Place them on a plate with a tea-towel on top to keep them warm and repeat until all the batter is gone.

Now spread the crepe with what ever you want: butter, lemon-juice  & sugar, honey, syrup, jam, peanut butter, chocolate spread... the choice is endless.

A Simple Crepe Suzette
One of the most famous crepes is the Crepe Suzette with its delicious Orange Liquour Sauce & Ice cream. Here's a quicky version of the Orange sauce...

My Ingredients:
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup water
1 cup pure orange juice
dash Orange Liquour (Grand Marinier, Cointreau etc)
1 tbls Butter

My Method:
Place 1 cup of sugar in a heavy bottomed pot and add enough water to just cover it. Stir once and bring to the boil. Do not stir the mix again at this stage. Watch carefully as the water evaporates and the boiling sugar mix comes to a slower boil...

As the mix starts to colour golden around the edges pour in 1 cup of pure orange juice, a dash of orange liquor and the butter.

The whole mix will boil up into a terrible mess but that's OK. Let it come back to the boil stirring gently and now turn Off the heat. The sauce will come together into a delicious light, buttery, orangey sauce.

Place a scoop of your favourite Ice Cream on a crepe, fold it over and drizzle the Orange sauce over the top. And that's a simple Crepe Suzette!

My son Finn simply adores crepes and pancakes

Here's a link to my Old Fashioned Pancakes, a Story and Recipe


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