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I think this Jacobs Advert takes the Biscuit!

I loved Moulin Rouge, the movie, the music and the madness of it all - but I think that Jacobs have gone a little too far with this new ad for Kimberley, Mikado & Coconut Cream biscuits.

Funny, I actually love the filming, the music and the madness of this ad but I think that it should be aired after the watershed at 9pm because there are some implications here that my 7-year-old son was embarrassed by when he first saw it!

And I’m not sure that he was even aware of what exactly he was embarrassed about!

Here’s the full-length ad – have a look….

Now, if the idea behind the advert was to cause a bit of controversy and attract loads and loads of free publicity, then it certainly has done its job! But I think it’s a bit rich for the early afternoon, after-school RTE schedule.

That’s my sixpence.

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